Photography, Campaign for Change Nepal

Let you guys know why I am going to share something about photography.
Yesterday when me and my friends were taking about Galaxy Tab inside our
classroom at break time. Suddenly two boys enter inside our class with a
Sony Vio laptop. I don’t knew what my friends felt but I was suprised to
see those boys with our uniform missmatched. Those boys were from
different college. One of the told us that they had came from CCN and
they were going to show a presentation. I didn’t knew what was going on
as we’re supposed to not to have any extra classes rather then our
formal classes. After sometime they introduced themselves that they are
here from Campaign for Change-Nepal (CCN). One of them connected the
laptop to the projector and started the presentation. We also got what
was their main aim for comming at King’s College. The main themd was
"How a picture can bring changes in the society?
Trust me, I’m fan of Photography or lets say photography is my hobby. I
was genuinely interested on them. We at least got something worthy on
our free time. They told us many things. I also asked them different
sorts of questions. I asked them if they could show us demo of photo
stories but they replied they would show on the trainning. I laugh and
told to my friend : Laptop ma Xadai Xaina Ani Kaha Bata Dekhau Xa…
Haaa.. Sidhai Ayle Xaina Bhandeye Hunthyo.. K Janthyo Ra". I also
included that photography can also helps to promote our cultural sites,
plot the natural beauties on the pictorial medium and reflects the image
of the society. As we already know, a picture speaks thousands words
itself. So, photography can also bring revolution in the society.

Now lets move on to the main topic directly. This is my personal blog so
usually I share to the globe personally. Some of the information about
Photography below are references from various sites.
Photography is the art, science and practice of creating durable images
by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either
electronically by means of an image sensor or chemically by means of a
light-sensitive material such as photographic film.
Now I guess you guys at least know about what is photography? I am going
to participate and take the trainning of Photography as soon as
possible. They had told us that two photographers from Spain would be
giving us photography training. So guys you also enjoy Photography.

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