Sarangi Rhapsody

My aim for writing this much is also to promote Sarangi. I still
remember February 28 was all about sarangi and its tunes as the 8th
Sarangi Day was celebrated at Russian Culture Centre here. A
presentation of Gandharba Cultural Art Organisation and Mountain Music
Projec, it was the day of felicitation and music by the music caste of
Nepal – the Gandharba community.
"We came up with this day to remember sarangi – an instrument that was
about to become extinct – so that people become aware of it. Along with
that, we also want to bring out the old tunes of our community among the
people and preserve them," informed Bikash Gandharba, one of the board
members of Gandharba Cultural Art Organisation.
And the 8th Sarangi Day started (obviously) on a musical note with the
Mangal Dhun. Performed by six musicians like Arjun Gandharba and Raju
Gandharba among others, the tune was produced by the sarangi, madaal and
It was followed by a solo performance of young and talented Barta
Gandharba who presented with the song Samjhana Aucha on the sarangi. And
it was Lure Gandharba from Gorkha who performed Basanta Ritu Raag.
Hovever, it was Shanker Gandharba who won the hearts of the crowd with
his sarangi playing a witty song Tite Kareli Le. Shanker was at the
event with his father Deppak Gandharba.
Deppak, who looks after his family by playing the sarangi, believes in
preserving his culture of music, which is why Shanker who is in Class V
started learning sarangi since the age of five. Nevertheless, Deppal
despite their hardships shared, "People have started to understand our
instrument and our music. And we are no ill-treated like we used to for
being untouchables."
Moreover, Gandharba’s musical culture was shocased with songs like Keti
Mangne Geet and Char Yug Ko Ram Kali which were performed by senior
Gandharba, Bala Ram Gandharba, Gopi Lal Gandhari to name a few.
Along with all the performances from diverse age groups, Lure Gandharba
was honoured in the event with a shawl from the contribution he made to
preserve their culture.

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