Zero Corruption, Corruption in Nepal

Nepal has the dubious distinction of being one of the most corrupt
countries in the world. There is no doubt that corruption is widespread.
Even more disconcerting is that the corrupt are getting away with their
nefarious activities often with the connivance with the authorities who
are supposed to check graft. Now a pledge made by the Home Secretary
that he would work to bring corruption to zero level is difficult to
believe. If he manages to do so then he would deserve accoladers. To
root out corruption is indeed a big deal for corruption has spread its
evil tentacles throughout virtually all sectors with very little sign of
any let up despite the commitments made by successive governments to do
Ridding the country is possible only if cooperation is forthcoming from
everyone. Meanwhile, the home administration and the police have
demanded that there be no political pressure in their bid to make this
possible. The corrupt no matter what post they hold should be no
exception and action should be taken against them without any
discrimination. Then only will the goal to realize zero corruption be
possible. Now people rise your voice against corruption in Nepal and
make a corruption free Nepal.

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