Facebook In Nepal, Facebook Crazy in Nepal, Facebook

Facebook, one of the popular social networking site has directly or
indirectly affected almost all the people of the world. If you are going
to ask me how ofter you use facebook or how much time you spend on
facebook? Then I would simply answer: I’m always on facebook. Now lets
talk about the use of facebook in Nepal. At Baneshwor Chowk (my area)
what I usually see is every student facebooking using their cellphones.
When I sometimes walk side by Nobel College, Mega College, Apex Business
College, even at my King’s Colege and others colleges at Baneshwor,
Anam Nagar, Bijulibazar area and others most of the students make a
groups of girls and boys and go to free Wifi Zone and start downloading
English movies and taking advantage of multasking. You might be thinkin
what am I talkina about multitasking. Ha! It means we always use
facebook in one tab of browser or facebook apps and rest of the
downloading would be in background.
Here in Nepal, the Facebook crazy is too much high. He is on facebook at
Kusma, she is on facebook at Pokhara, I am on Facebook at Kathmandu.
Everybody are using facebook at Nepal. Just tried to make a slogan for
facebook crazy in Nepal but don’t know how it is.

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