Kushma – Balewa Cable Car, Gig-back at Parbat, Yantrik Pool Pictures

By | December 9, 2012

The picture above shows the Cable Car in Parbat district. This Yantrik

Pool is located at Kushma – Balewa over the depth of Kaligandaki

River. One can reach there in 10-15 minutes walking from the

Kushma-Gyandi Bridge (i.e. Highest bridge of Nepal).

Now lets talk about this Kushma to Balewa Cable Car system or Yantrik

Pool. The length of the cable in 550 meters with 20 meters at the

place of design. The carrier’s capacity is 8 people (600 kg). The

capacity of mother is 22 K.W with the total travelling time of only 5

minutes. The line speed is three meters per second (3 m/s). The cable

car is placed above 262 m (depth of valley is 262 meters). It has 32

KVA of Generator and the type of cable car or lift is Gig-Back. The

distance between two stations is 45 meters.

In the next post we will learn how the Kushma-Balewa Gig Back works.

In other word, we will learn the working mechanism and principle of

Yantrik Pool at Parbat.

Haha! We will do the internal operation of the Cable Car in the next post.

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