Merry Dating

Are you looking for the Romance of a Lifetime? If you are, then this is how it works: First you must marry the Beloved, then you must start dating Him. It is a sacred engagement you must keep each day so that you may get to know the Beloved more intimately. In this marriage you will not have to give up your family or leave home. Nor will you have to change your name or conform to a new dress code.
The Bridegroom asks only that you keep your promise to merry-date. He wants only your love. He doesn’t care how you appear, outside or within. If He didn’t think you beautiful, He would not have married you. On the contrary, He asks that you keep the sacred engagement so that you may look through His eyes (or Eye) and discover just how beautiful you are.
Are you ready for the Romance of All Time? If you are, then this is how it works. The Beloved has sought you out from the very begining and has patiently waited for you to return His love. When He finds you mature enough, he sets the Wedding Date. On the day of the wedding, He presents you with His sacred ring, the Ring of Five. This ring binds you to Him for life and afterlife, for life after life. You should remember to wear this ring always, otherwise it may get lost, and you will be full or regret when you find it and have it evaluated.
Are you ready for Divine Romance? If so, then you must keep the sacred engagement to merry-date, for this is the key to a happy marriage. And how exactly do you merry-date? It’s simple. Polish your Ring of Five everyday on your way to meet the Beloved. Let it shine so that He sees your love mirrored in it. Silently wishper your love until it becomes a fire of love that consumes you. Then, when you look into the mirror-ring, you will find that you have always been a reflection of the Beloved’s own sweet Self.

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