Heaven On Earth: The rain that reminds me HOME

By | October 13, 2015

Just as every river is inexorably drawn to the ocean by the force of its liquid essence, so does the essence of my heart draw me inevitably to my own true Home.

There is my home where I wake up with the bird’s songs chir-bir early in the morning and the glimpse of first light at mountains peak brings a smile on my lips that makes my whole day go well. Now I am far away home but still, my heart has captured her so tightly that it’s vividly visible from here when I take a look inside my heart.

Then I sit on the boat of my feelings and sail whole across the memory of my dear ocean. The memory of majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, evergreen forest, colorful birds, lovely animals, the beautiful scenario of nature, god & goddess of Himalayas and so many infinite rains over me and I enjoy the every Ultra-HD scenes played by my heart.

It is raining heavily outside but it rather is heavenly to me. I can vividly listen the rain singing the Himalayan song into my ears. I know somewhere in Nepal somebody might be smelling the soil when the first drop reaches the ground. I’m feeling jealous of him right now. And then I say to my heart that the wind missed me so much so it came to see me. I wish I could tell it how I missed you – the rain and the clouds. I’m far away from my home but the picture inside my heart is still so vivid.

Then again, I just sit down and enjoy recollecting my past memories. This brings me a smile on face. I enjoy the beauty of nature inside my heart.

The paradise of the world, Nepal resides a whole in my heart. I feel like the more distance we are apart, the more near and dear you have become. Mother, you are my heaven on Earth, a piece of paradise fallen from the sky.

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