A Lachrymose Kanchan Regmi’s Story and the second part?

I watched Kanchan Regmi’s interview on Suman Sanga, a Kantipur TV Show which brought tears to my eyes. Every word she spoke there lachrymose me. I couldn’t resist myself from crying and I believe everybody who had watched or listened her story might have got the same feeling at least even for once. She said how her husband abandoned her. She also mentioned how she spent here 7 years in the street and her own children just waved bye-bye who rides Tuscon on the same road often she would be laying on the dump of garbage there. So, today the internet became hot today and I’m sure it will continue for few more days until her husband Mohan Regmi speaks something. We are humans and yes we have a different perspective of analysis. And we do react accordingly.

Kanchana Sharma Regmi

Kanchana Regmi, the one who spent 7 years in streets of Kathmandu.

Well, people started with badmouthing her husband and her sons. This is normal cause we all are humans are we are hurt by hearing what she said. At first, I completely believed her and I also cried while watching the show. But later in the day, I realised, there are no such cases ever happened in the Nepalese soil. Then I began to think more. I researched more about her. I found that her elder son is studying Engineering at Bangalore and younger son in Nepal.

यो दिदी ०६२/०६३ सालको जनआन्दोलनमा त्रिपुर्स्वरमा भएको झडपमा आफु घाईते भएकी थिईन ! टाउकोमा चोट लागेका उनले, अरुको घाईते बच्चा जोगाएको फोटो आन्दोलनको उत्कृष्ट फोटो आजसम्म हेर्न सकिन्छ ! टाउकोमा घहिरो चोट लागेकी यिनि ५ बर्ष पछि अर्धपागल जस्तै अबस्थामा कमलपोखरी गणेश मन्दिर नजिक माग्न बसेको बेला ऑसु झार्दै मैले नि ५० रुपैया दिएको थिए ! – Sushil Kumar Bhattarai

I think all the Gorkhalis shouldn’t act that fast as we had acted during wars. If we watched surface and go with the flow and words we may feel sympathy towards her. But here I wanna see in a different angle. Aren’t we destroying her’s Husband Mohan Regmis’s home itself? I think he is the one which media has destroyed the image even before people seeing his real face. I think the case is too completed and there lies something else that we don’t know yet. Let’s hope in coming days we will be knowing the truth behind all of this happening today.

कान्तिपुर टेलिभिजनको लोकप्रिय कार्यक्रम सुमनसँग को हिजो १७ नोभेम्बरको शृङखलामा मेरो लगभग १५ वर्ष अघि लेखिएको पुरानो गजल ‘नखुलेको आकाश खुलेर आयो’ गजल लाई कञ्चन शर्मा रेग्मीले उहाँले आफैँले लेख्नुभएको गजल भनेर वाचन गर्नुभएछ । मेरो गजलसंग्रह ‘उही बाढी उही भेल’ को दोस्रो संस्करण ( मार्ग,२०६०) मा यो गजल सञ्चयित छ । यो गजल मैले विगत १३-१४ वर्षको अवधिमा स्वदेश लगायत विदेशमा आायोजित साहित्यिक कार्यक्रमहरूका अतिरिक्त रेडियो नेपाल लगायत बिभिन्न टिभी तथा एफएम रेडियोमा समेत वाचन गरिसकेको छु । संगीतकार Sagar Neupane को सङ्गीत र गायक Sajal Neupane को स्वर मा रेकर्ड भएको यो गजल २०६९ सालमा सजल न्यौपानेको एकल गीति अलबम नमनमा संग्रहीत छ भने मेरो एकल शब्दको गजल अलबम ‘ प्यालामा आँसु’ मा पनि यो गजलको अडियो सङ्कलित छ । कन्चन शर्माजीले शायद दुख र पीडाले अभिशप्त भएको तोडमा मेरो गजललाई आफ्नै गजल मान्नु भएछ क्यारे ! कार्यक्रम प्रस्तोता चर्चित व्यक्तित्व सुमन खरेललाई यो गजलका बारेमा जानकारी नभएको हुन सक्छ । उहाँले बिभिन्न रेडियो एफएमहरूमा बजिरहेको मेरा गजलका ती शेरहरू सुन्नुभएको रहेनछ । तसर्थ मेरा तमाम मित्रहरूका अतिरिक्त उक्त कार्यक्रम सुन्नुहुने/हेर्नुहुने सबै श्रोतागण तथा अादरणीय सुमन खरेलजीलाई समेत मेरो यही स्टाटसबाट कन्चन शर्माजीले वाचन गर्नुभएको उक्त गजलको यथार्थ अवगत गराउन चाहन्छु । – रबि प्रान्जल को स्टाटस

Kanchana had done Nursing and has experience of 4 years in this field. I think she has some mental illness which I found during the interview. But then also I think how can a family abandon her? This is not a part of Nepalese culture and never seen such thing happening before.

There is a quote “never judge anyone by one side story, the safe zone is safe zone”. I am not denying the fact that she has been excluded from family but these sons are like us . They know the value of mother as well. There is something wrong and hidden in one sided story. She claimed that gajal be her but truth is that gajal was written by Ravi Pranjal. She is an educated woman with a nursing degree on hand . And how in an earth she let her die on the road if she was one of best and close to Dr Bhola Rijal in the medical field. Why there was pin drop silence for whole 19 years of life and why after 7 years ? There are a lot of mothers who are struggling to die but why she was chosen for the interview? During 2062/63 she was also an activist and got injured in the head. Her photo was published in newspapers as well (analysts) . So there is doubt of mental illness as well.

न खुलेको आकाश खुलेर आयो !
ऊ सायद बाटो भुलेर आयो !!
झर्यो त के भो जाई र जुइ !
त्यो पलाश मन मा फुलेर आयो !!
न त तर्न सक्नु न त डुब्न सक्नु !
यो भेल कस्तो उर्लियर आयो !!
उन लाई भुल्न उठाय प्याला !
तर त्यो प्याला मा आशु घुलेर आयो !!
र भन्नु हुन्छ ” मेरो जिबन को कुनै राग छैन !!

एकतर्फी मात्र कुरा सुनेर कसैलाइ दोषी ठहर्याउनु पनि गलत हो। कतै हामी कन्चन शर्माका भुतपुर्व पति अनि छोराहरुलाइ गालिगलौज गर्न हतार गर्दै त छैनौ? संसारका सबै आमा महान हुन्छन् नै भन्ने पनि त हुँदैन नि हैन? चाँडै भावनामा नबगौँ, पहिले दुबै पक्षको कुरा सुनौं अनि मात्र को सहि र को गलत भन्ने फैसला गरौँ। बरु कोहि पत्रकार साथिहरु हुनुहुन्छ भने “मोहन रेग्मि”लाई भेटेर उनको पनि कुरा बुझ्ने कि?

Here the thing is we can’t just judge her family by her story. We need to know what is the story of another side also.

आमालाई बिर्सेर ईश्वरलाई सम्झन सकिन्न ।?? #सत्यकथा

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