Nepal Telecom Launches 4G service for the first time in Nepal, Operates from Jan 1

Nepal Telecom (NT) is starting a much awaited 4G service for the first time in Nepal.  NT is starting it’s 4G service from January 1 (17 Poush, 2073) targeting this service especially to the user surfing highest internet speed at this moment. So, Pokhara and Kathmandu will only be able to use 4G for the first time in Nepal and later services will be extended to other places.

In Pokhara, 25 thousand will be able to surf at the first phase and in Kathmandu 3 lakhs 75 thousand users will surf. In the second phase, the services will be provided to most of the people slowly. 4G service will not be provided for being Telecom customer (user) but you should need at least own a mobile phone that supports 4G. (You can read about the list of 4G supported mobile phones in Nepal).

Only the smartphones having 1800 MHz bandwidth will support Nepal Telecoms’s 4G service. Telecom says, “The will be a problem in the very first phase because of fewer 4G smartphones in the market that support more than 18 hundred Mhz. And we will come with a new plan addressing this issue too).

What is 4G?

4G is the fourth generation data technology. 4G is upgraded version of 3G networks for mobile telecommunication technology. The 4G operates with the features as described by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). (Download: Definition of 4G by ITCU – R-REP-M.2134-2008-PDF-E). 4G is comparatively faster than 3G. It is the fastest and latest mobile internet data technology till date.

According to Telecom, it is providing the speed of 30Mb/s in its first phase. The 4G services include Mobile Web Access, Gaming, HD Mobile TV, Cloud Computing and others. Telecom says, “Its download speed will be  5 times faster than 3G.”

In short (the definition was given by ITU), the internet service provided from mobile with the speed of 100Mb per second is known as 4G.

Activate 4G Service in Nepal
Activate 4G Service in Nepal

How to use 4G?

In order to start using 4G service in Nepal (provided by NT), you should have LTE (Long Term Evaluation)  enabled on your mobile phone. It is just like enabling the 3G service. After that, NT will provide (send) you a code and you can easily use 4G technology on your mobile phone. NT says that the code will be sent to all 4G LTE-enabled devices before launching its 4G service. However, Telecom hasn’t fixed its 4G service price yet since they haven’t finalized its penetration areas. “The price of 4G will be comparatively higher than the existing 4G and 3G services”, says Nepal Telecom.

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