How to Remove Holi Color from Face?

The Tried and True Method for Removing Holi Color from Face

If you’re planning to play Holi with total enthusiasm, then be sure you apply hair serum to your hair to safeguard them from harmful colors and chemicals. All the folks play Holi with full of fun with many colors. Holi is among the most common yearly events in Nepal and India, observed with great festivity and hilarity. Holi is unquestionably one of the most significant festivals of these two neighboring nations. After playing Holi, removing color is the biggest problem for every one of us.

You can always play Holi with natural colors which may be created at home. Holi is called the festival of colors. Holi is among the most anticipated festivals of our nation. In the long run, wish you an extremely Happy Holi.


You can always play Holi with natural colors which may be created at home. Holi is called the festival of colors.  Image © Sushant Subedi‎ | RabinsXP

Get rid of all of the colors with your hands initially, please don’t permit the colors to sit on your face for a lengthier period. If your face was affected a good deal by colors, mash ripe papaya and utilize it like a pack to acquire instant outcomes. In the event, you truly wish to cover your face, utilize a loose dupatta or bandana.

In case the water is not hot, your colors won’t be as vibrant as needed. Micellar water is chiefly utilized as a make-up remover, but it isn’t harmful as it hydrates the skin also. Bear in mind that to eliminate the colors from your entire body, you should only utilize cold or lukewarm water. Following that, you may use water to clean yourself properly. Have plenty of citrus fruits because it’s tough to drink all that water in one go. Instead, hot water makes it more challenging to take out the color. It is possible also to make a paste of Multani Mitti with water and apply it upon your skin to eliminate color.


A smiling woman with Holi colors on her Face. Image © Sushant Subedi‎ | RabinsXP


Carry the clothes which cover the majority of the parts of your entire body. If our body can absorb the nutrient from the daily diet, then it isn’t much important to take supplements. If you’ve got an incredible body and wish to flaunt it, wearing clothes with ruffles is a terrible idea for you. Finally, keep your entire body and skin well-hydrated by drinking much water.


Do not allow your hair open. It is wise to cover your hair that will keep your hair and scalp from dryness. You will appear stylish, and also you might be successful in maintaining your hair. If you’ve got long hair, make sure that you tie this up, so the color stains are sprinkled just in lesser areas. For men likewise, it’s essential to manage their facial hair. As hair gets dry after Holi, it’s a good idea to condition it deeply. Utilizing coconut or castor oil is the ideal option because it will shield your hair from the possible damages of artificial colors.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots and plenty of water as skin tends to receive dehydrated with the usage of chemicals. Therefore, the surface skin is not going to become hard or crack. So here are a few of the ideal life hacks which may save your skin from damaging colors and harmful chemicals. Though slightly pricey, it’s excellent for your skin. If you’ve got dry or sensitive skin, the color is likely to harm you a good deal.

You first have to decide the colors you’re going to utilize for dyeing your fabric. The color is going to be removed with nail polish. Various colors describe various moods and feelings. It is always advised to use herbal colors. Blue saturated color can be created by boiling 8-10 blue hibiscus in 1 liter of water.

Now, be sure that your colors match. If at all of the oil gets wear off and the color goes in the skin since you don’t have the water content within the body. Please stay away from exposure of your skin to the sunlight because it will make it tough to remove colors. By way of example, If you wear a yellow color, it aids in improving memory. Boys and girls throw dry colors at one another, and wet colors are employed in Phichkari and balloons. The color black isn’t as friendly as you believe it is. Stubborn colors (tones), blemishes, and discoloration afford the fun away.

Final Words

That as the reason colors were produced from natural sources earlier. Your all body color is going to be removed. Nowadays Holi colors are created from potassium bicarbonate. They are produced in India without any quality checks and are sold freely in the Nepalese market. To avoid their effects and revel in the festival with no fear, you can create your very own standard homemade Holi color.

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