20Mbps Internet + ViaTV for Rs. 800/month

Extensive use of the internet among people means that ISPs have to bring forth better offers for their customers. After all, people have many options to choose from. Thus, in order to attract new customers and also to appease the existing ones, Vianet has brought the Vianet Bhayankar Offer. Let’s dive deeper into the details about what it is.

Vianet Bhayankar Offer Overview:

Under this, customers can subscribe to 20Mbps internet and ViaTV for just NPR 800 per month. However, there’s a catch. I mean, there’s always a catch, right? And the catch here is that this offer is applicable only if you get a subscription of 12 months. Furthermore, the price is subject to an additional 13% VAT too. Yet, the good thing is that both new and old customers can avail of this offer.

There are other packages for 30Mbps, 40Mbps, and 60Mbps internet along with ViaTV that users can subscribe to for different periods. Barring the internet speed and number of TVs usable, all these packages offer similar services. For instance, you get ViaTV, ViaSecure, Service Assurance, Ultraboost in all of them. Here, ViaTV includes 175+ channels, YouTube, Movie on Demand, Catchup TV, and TV on Mobile. Furthermore, no matter the package, users will have to comply with the fair usage policy.

Additional costs

Additionally, users will have to pay the installation charge for the internet and ViaTV too. The installation charge for the internet if you are going for the 12-month subscription is NPR 1,500. Similarly, the primary STB Activation for ViaTV (12-month package) is Re. 1. You can check out the detailed one-time installation charges for Vianet on their official website.

Vianet Bhayankar Offer Summary:

Bhayankar 20 with TV+ (20Mbps)Gun-Sampanna 30 with TV+ (30Mbps)Gun-Sampanna 40 with 2TV+ (40Mbps)Gun-Sampanna 60 with 3TV+ (60Mbps)
1 MonthN/ANPR 1,550NPR 1,850NPR 2,250
2 MonthN/ANPR 4,550NPR 5,400NPR 6,600
3 MonthNPR 9,600 (800/month)NPR 15,000 (1250/month)NPR 17,400 (1450/month)NPR 21,600 (1800/month)
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