6 ways to earn money from tickets

6 ways to earn money from tickets

Recently, Tiktak has become very popular among Nepali users. The greed to make money along with entertainment in the app has also attracted many. It is also true that Tiktak has become a source of income for users who meet certain categories.

In general, there are a few things you need to pay attention to in order to make money on tickets. We are discussing that here.

By depositing coins in the livestream

Tic Tac Toe gives you the opportunity to stream live when you have a lot of followers. The digital gift feature is also unlocked in the live stream feature. This feature allows your viewers to donate tick coins during the livestream, which you can later convert into real money.

By selling your own goods and services

Tiktak users take out their own brands, peppers and other items and link the video to the online store from where their followers buy the same items for the benefit of the users. If you do well you can get a lot of viewers who can make money by launching fashion brands, makeup brands. A ticket user named Charlie is making a lot of money by launching her own fashion brand after gaining a lot of followers. You can also earn money by taking language classes or other knowledge classes.

Request to follow Tiktak from other social networks

The more money you have, the more likely you are to make money. That’s why if you make people follow you by sharing your profile on Facebook and Instagram, your chances of earning money will increase even more. Apart from other means, Tiktak app only pays for digital gifts.

Asking to donate

Even if the account of apps like PayPal, Venmo, e-service is linked to your ticket, you can give money to anyone who likes your content. This link is especially used by users in their profiles.

Getting a sponsor

Sponsorship is becoming very popular in the online age. If you have a good number of followers, some businesses may pay you to promote your product. Big brands have also started using Tiktak to promote their products to users. Getting a sponsor is an opportunity to make a lot of money. You can earn money by getting a sponsor in a clubhouse just like you get a sponsor in Tiktak radio station, YouTube video.

Employment opportunities

Tiktak is testing a feature that allows users to create video applications for employment. Under the pilot program, the hashtag Ticket Ticket Resume for entry level, collaborative and senior level work will be used to create videos for job search.

About three dozen companies have participated in this pilot program. They also tell what work they are giving. It also includes well-known US companies such as Sapphire, Target and Detroit Pistons. This will allow users to earn money by getting employment.


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