Aircar prototype completes first intercity flight

Aircar’s prototype completes its first inter-city flight

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Aircar’s prototype has completed its first inter-city flight. It is also a flying car. Slovakian company Kellen Vision recently launched an intercity flight from Nitra Airport to Bratislava Airport.

The company has been working on this hybrid aircraft for the last 30 years. After a 35-minute flight, the car’s manufacturer, Professor Stephen Klein, turned off the fan and drove the car to the tarmac. The company has made 142 safe landings and completed a 40-hour test flight.

In this test flight, the air car flew at a speed of 170 kilometers per hour. Its highest speed is 190 kilometers per hour. It flew up to 8,200 feet and successfully rotated in a 45-degree turn. The current prototype also has a 160 hp BMW engine and a ballistic parachute.


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