Azju Bhai who is the most subscriber of freefire game has done face reveal

Kathmandu. Total Gaming aka 'Ajju Bhai' who has more than 37.4 million YouTube subscribers has revealed his face. Saturday its official YouTube channelHe made his face public by releasing a four-and-a-half-minute video.

Azju Bhai, a famous gamer of Battle Royale game Freefire, started a YouTube channel named 'Total Gaming' in 2018. This YouTuber from India is the most subscribed person in the Freefire community.

Although he introduced his name as 'Ajay', his real name is Ajendra Variya. He has entered the gaming industry by hiding his real identity and revealed his face for the first time.

He promised to reveal his face within 2023. He held a voting poll on the YouTube community to decide when to reveal the face between December 30 or December 31.

He revealed his face on Saturday after 90 percent of the 822,000 votes said he would reveal it on December 30.

In the gaming community, there is a tendency to get popular by speaking rude language while live. Azju Bhai was different in this. His supporters say that his live video can be watched sitting with his family.

Apart from Total Gaming, Azju Bhai has five other YouTube channels in different genres. He has got almost 48 million worth of subscribers without even seeing his face.

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