Bhupendra Bhandari appointed as the Chairman of Nepal Telecommunication Authority

Bhupendra Bhandari has been appointed as the Chairman of Nepal Telecommunication Authority. The cabinet meeting held on Sunday appointed Bhandari as the chairman of the authority.

The newly appointed Bhandari was earlier working as an expert advisor to the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma.

The post was vacant after the resignation of Nepal Telecommunication Authority Chairman Purushottam Khanal some time ago. In that position, the government has appointed Bhandari, who has accumulated experience in the field of telecommunications from home to abroad.

Who is Bhandari?

Bhandari completed his graduation in Management from Tribhuvan University in 2054 and studied Chartered Accountant from India in 2062.

Bhandari, who has played an efficient leadership role in the banking sector, entered the telecommunications sector from 2064. He worked as Deputy Chief Financial Officer in Spice Nepal Pvt. In 2064, he became the chief executive officer of LaSalle, a mobile operator company based in the African country of Burundi. Bhandari worked as a CEO in the same company for eight years until 2072.

From 2072 to 2073, Bhandari, who held leadership as the chief executive officer of Intergroup Telecom in Sri Lanka, at the end of the same year, again worked as a consultant for Burundi Mobile Network Company LaSalle.

Then he returned to Nepal in 2074. After returning to Nepal, he launched Moru Wallet from the fintech company Pay Nep Pvt Ltd.

Bhandari, who worked as the president of Pe Nap until June 2080 (six years), took over the responsibility of the Communication and Information Technology Advisor at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology last June.

It is said that the priorities of the Ministry of Communication have changed after Abbal Bhandari entered the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology.

Bhandari played an important role in matters of good governance such as in-depth study and preparation of reports on alleged irregularities during the connection of technologies such as Teramax and MDMS, revision of asset management regulations of telecom service providers who do not have licenses, frequency policy changes, tax evasion by Internet service providers and capital flight incidents. performed.


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