Finally Google admits to collecting data in incognito mode, also changes the disclaimer

Finally, Google has admitted that it collects data even in Chrome’s incognito mode. By modifying the disclaimer of incognito mode, Google has accepted that it collects data in incognito mode as well.

There was a lawsuit in 2020 saying that Google tracked users even in incognito mode. Last month, Google is ready to pay 5 billion US dollars to settle the issue related to privacy and has also updated the disclaimer.

MS Power userAccording to the agreement is being finalized to resolve the issue. The new disclaimer has so far only been seen in Canary (Early Access) versions of Windows, Android and other devices.

So far, Chrome’s incognito mode disclaimer says, ‘You can browse privately. Other people using this device will not see your activity. However, downloads, bookmarks, and reading list items will be saved.

But the upcoming disclaimer update says, ‘Others using this device won’t see your activity, so you can browse more privately. This will not change the way Google collects data from the websites you visit and the services you use. Download, bookmark, and reading list items will be saved.

In 2020, a lawsuit was filed against Google with a $5 billion compensation claim after it was found to be collecting user data with a disclaimer not to collect user data. In that case, it was alleged that Google collects details such as browsing history, device data, IP address, etc. in incognito mode.

Google initially denied the allegations, arguing that its warning about the ability to track activity in incognito mode meant users had consented to some data collection.
However, a judge disagreed with Google’s argument and said that Google never informed the user about the continuous data collection.

After that, after Google is ready to give 5 billion dollars to settle the case, it is estimated that a formal agreement will be submitted for approval by the court by February 24, 2024. Although the terms of the agreement are not public, it has been confirmed that an agreement has been reached through the mediation of the lawyers involved.

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