Tencent, Twitter, LinkedIn, Canva, Adobe, etc. 26 billion record leaks online

Cyber ​​security researchers have discovered 26 billion data leaks online. cyber news And in the research conducted by Security Discover, it has been discovered that a dataset of 12 terabytes in size containing 26 billion details has been leaked.

According to the researchers, these records contain a compilation of previously breached data, reindexed leaks, breaches and privately sold datasets.

The researcher said, ‘Dataset is dangerous. Threat actors can leverage the collected data for attacks including identity theft, sophisticated phishing scams, targeted cyber-attacks and unauthorized access to personal and sensitive accounts.’

The researcher claims that the large dataset of the leaked history contains few recently stolen data and contains a lot of different breaches that have been leaked before.

The dataset contains data on platform users including Tencent (1.5 billion), Weibo, now X (formerly Twitter) (281 million), Wattpad (271 million), LinkedIn (251 million), Adobe (153 million), Canva (143 million). It is said. Apart from this, the data of America, Brazil, Germany, Truckee and other countries’ government organizations are included in it.

There is no information about which details are in the dataset, but it is assumed that username and password may be. However, apart from this, there is also a possibility that there will be other information.

According to the researcher, a large amount of data is stored with vested interests. It is estimated by many to be the largest database ever compiled by compiling data.

Hackers have compiled and stored large amounts of data to facilitate attacks.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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