Information Highway: Optical fiber connection in one thousand kilometers

Information Highway: Optical fiber connection in one thousand kilometers

Fiber connection has been completed in an area of ​​one thousand and six kilometers so far under the Information Highway (Optical Fiber Backbone Network) Expansion Project across the country.

Only 46.16 percent of the connections have been completed by mid-July under the plan started by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority to expand the highway within two years.

Nepal Telecom, which has been entrusted with the task of laying fiber in Provinces No. 1, 2 and Bagmati under the first section, has completed the fiber connection in the region.

According to the agreement, the telco will have to lay 2,083 kilometers of fiber in three states. Of which, the telco has laid 1,006 km of fiber in five years.

NEA had divided the plan to lay fiber in an area of ​​6,235 km of the Mid-Hills Highway into three sections and handed it over to three separate companies. Although expansion work has been done in one of the sections, the work of two sections has not started yet.

NEA had signed a two-year agreement with Nepal Telecom on September 29, 2073 BS to lay fiber from Eastern Nepal to Gorkha under the first section.

NEA spokesperson Santosh Poudel said that the telco has started laying optical fiber from the first week of June 2018. According to him, the telco has assigned five companies to lay optical fiber and purchase goods in the three states under the first section.

Work on the two sections did not begin

Work has not started in two sections under the Information Highway Expansion Project, which is divided into three sections. The work of laying 2,160 km of optical fiber in 21 districts under Gandaki and Lumbini provinces under Section-2 has not started yet.

Although NEA has given the responsibility of expansion to United Telecom 9TL, the expansion work in the area has been stopped due to a case in the Supreme Court. NEA had signed an agreement with UTL on April 9, 2074 BS at a cost of Rs.

UTL had filed a case in the Supreme Court after the NEA canceled the agreement on April 9, 2008 saying that the work had not started within the stipulated period.

The court had issued an interim order on April 12 not to cancel the fiber laying contract in favor of UTL. Even though the NEA went on vacation against the order, the work of laying the fiber has not started as the final decision could not be taken.

The authority had again handed over the responsibility to Nepal Telecom saying that it could not start the work even though it was given the responsibility to lay the fiber in Karnali and Southwest.

Smart Telecom was entrusted to lay the fiber for two years on September 19, 2074 BS. NEA had canceled the contract agreement on November 19, 2008 and signed an agreement with Nepal Telecom on December 3, 2008 due to failure to start the work on time.

Expansion work has not started even though the telco has been in charge for a long time. Telecom has stated that the work is in the process of bidding.

NEA has signed an agreement with Telecom at a cost of Rs 3.81 billion to lay 1,192 kilometers of fiber from Musikot in Rukum to Jhulaghat in Darchula.

The Telecommunication Authority has allocated Rs. 9.89 billion from the Rural Telecommunication Fund for laying optical fiber.

Under the project started by NEA, the fiber network has to be extended to the district headquarters and every municipality in parallel with the Mid-Hill Highway.

Under the project, 98 cores of optical fiber will be used in the Mid-Hill Highway, 48 cores in the road connecting the district headquarters and Mid-Hill Highway with East-West Highway and 24 cores in the road connecting the municipalities. रासस


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