Learn how to save storage using Google’s Auto Archive feature

If you are worried about your phone storage, there is good news for you. Google recently introduced the Auto Archive feature for the Play Store. The new feature saves storage on Android devices when apps are not in use.


Google has launched Auto Archive feature in Android to save up to 60 percent of storage space taken by unnecessary apps. The new feature stores unwanted apps on the phone and gives users storage to install new apps.

What is the Auto Archive feature?
The Auto Archive feature is a new feature that gives users the option to free up storage space on the device. By not deleting existing apps on the phone, users can increase their phone’s storage which makes it easier to install new apps. After the Auto Archive feature is activated, unnecessary apps on your phone that you use less often will be removed.

If you want to put that app back on your phone, you have to download it again. The company is going to provide a new toggle on the Play Store. You can turn this new feature on or off by going to Google Play Store and Auto Archive feature settings.

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