Making online complaints to black marketers and sellers of substandard goods during festivals

On the occasion of festivals, people and firms who create artificial scarcity in the market and sell and distribute substandard goods can be notified online.


The government has requested the general consumers to report on Hello Sarkar, Commerce Department portal or toll free number 1137 if anyone has any information for strict action as per the law.

On the occasion of the upcoming festivals, the government has drawn attention to all industrialists and businessmen not to do unfair actions such as artificial shortage of food and non-food items, which are in high demand, unnatural price increase, black market and sale of non-edible items by adulteration.

The government has directed that the public agencies related to the sale and distribution of consumer goods should immediately operate fair price shops across the country, make all the mechanisms established for market monitoring more active and effective, and make the market monitoring work more effective.

The government has instructed that anyone who controls unnatural price increase and black market, creates artificial scarcity, makes unnatural profit and engages in black market by unnaturally raising prices to be severely punished according to the prevailing law and to communicate the report on a daily basis for the information of the general public.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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