Mani Mitra, a platform that provides financial information and technical analysis to investors, goes public


Ideapreneur Nepal, which has been playing the role of promoting financial literacy in Nepal since 2020, has released the Mani Mitra app and website to improve financial management and knowledge-based investment.


Users can access the website and download the app from Play Store or App Store.

With a starting price of 299 rupees, Mani Mitra provides financial information, technical analysis and financial management services for investors who want to invest in Nepal’s stock market. In the free version of Mani Mitra, users can use limited services.

Users can get ‘Guru Mantra’ which contains all the details, information and data of the companies within one subscription of Money Mitra, ‘Broker Chirfar’ which can analyze the details of brokers and compare between brokers, ‘Briddhi’ for personal financial management and ‘Ideapreneur Gyan’ for increasing knowledge. will receive

With Mani Mitra’s product ‘Gurumantra’, users will get financial statements, technical analysis tools of all companies listed on NEPSE. Technical analysis charts are available for free use.

Along with this, Guru Mantra has daily market data, details of the most affected companies during daily trading in the stock market, notification alerts that inform when the share price reaches the desired price, portfolio details, mutual fund details and a tool that can compare the financial status of various mutual funds and companies.

Similarly, there are 16 different base companies grouped in the stock basket in Guru Mantra. Compared to other companies of NEPSE sub-group, the companies that can give good financial condition and good return on investment are grouped into Super Commercial Bank, Super Hydropower, Super Development Bank, Super Finance, Super Non Life Insurance, Super Microfinance, Super Life Insurance, and those giving high dividends are given Dividend Star. , Forever Blue Chip to companies that are making good profits in the group and have the potential to deliver good returns,
Companies that can be bought at a discounted price are called Mega Bargains, rising stars are used for emerging companies, distribution for companies that have sold high volume by brokers, bubble traps for companies that are unexpectedly increasing in price and psychologically affected investors, Graham Fabret for undervalued companies based on Benjamin Graham’s value investment method, brokers recently The companies that are buying in high volume are divided into 16 groups such as broker Fabrate, companies with high net worth and dividend distribution capacity, Reserve King.

This list will guide investors who do not know much about investing in the stock market. In addition, statistics of the entire nation’s economy are also available in Guru Mantra.

Similarly, in the unique details of each company under the Guru Mantra: the details of the company’s share transactions, the company’s entire financial statement, the emotion meter showing the emotion of investors towards the company’s shares, the rating based on the company’s financial condition, the presence of the company’s share price compared to NEPSE and subgroups, the company’s monthly and weekly returns, broker holding , a comparison between other goods companies in the subgroup, a SWOT analysis of the company.

Similarly, in order to solve the problem of which page for investors to find out the financial condition of the company from hundreds of pages of reports, to facilitate the study of the company’s financial statement in Gurumantra, the company’s financial statement is presented in quarterly report, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, audit-regulatory and other metrics under Financial. is

Another product of Money Mitra, Broker Chirfar, users can rate the broker they are dealing with based on their service. In addition, broker Chirfar’s feed has been arranged to share your experience so that other users can also see it.

Accounts of commissions of various transactions involved in share trading under Broker Chirfar, details of the most bought and sold shares by the broker, details of the companies held by the broker along with the companies of the broker’s choice are kept in Broker Chirfar so that the user can easily understand them.

In this, users can compare the services offered by different brokers. Similarly, Money Mitra’s next product enhancement will provide assistance and advice in managing personal finances.

Based on the details provided by the user on the website at the time of login, it analyzes the financial situation of the user and gives advice on how to manage finances for more financial stability. It has the facility to easily communicate with financial sector experts if the user wants.

Increment advises how much to save annually and monthly to achieve financial goals in the future. Along with this, it has the facility to keep an account of expenses.

Based on the bill scan, users can calculate the expenses. Also, the increase provides advice on how to divide the portfolio between share market, SIP, mutual fund, term, savings based on the user’s financial situation.

Similarly, various articles will be available in Ideapreneur knowledge for increasing economy, business and financial literacy, while in Ideapreneur course, various types of courses will be available to increase financial literacy.


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