Minister Sharma states government’s objective to modernize and enhance competitiveness of postal services

Communication and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma has expressed her aim to modernize and make the postal service competitive. In celebration of World Postal Day, Minister Sharma emphasized the need to evolve the traditional approach to postal service and focus on modernizing and improving its competitiveness.


Minister Sharma is committed to enhancing cooperation at both national and international levels to position Nepal as an active member of the global postal services network.
Advancements in communication and information technology have significantly reduced the traditional roles of postal services. Postal services were originally established to provide access when information technology and transportation were underdeveloped.

Minister Sharma also highlighted the need to restructure the postal service to align with the federal government system and integrate information technology. The government has initiated a program called ‘one municipality, one post office,’ beginning in the current financial year.

The government’s objective is to modernize and enhance the competitiveness of postal services. In her congratulatory message, Minister Sharma acknowledged that the existing network of service delivery across the country is insufficient to effectively serve the public using traditional methods.

She also informed that comprehensive improvements are being pursued, including enhancements to technology and physical infrastructure, through collaboration among stakeholders within the postal service.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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