RARA Labs Digital Karnali Samvad in association with PhonePe completed

Digital dialogue 4.0 has been organized in Surkhet, the capital of Karnali province. Rara Labs Digital Karnali Samvad in Association with PhonePay was held in Surkhet on Wednesday organized by ICT Foundation Nepal.


In the program held on Wednesday, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Law of Karnali Province, Krishna GC, was present as the chief guest, while the vice chancellor of Midwest University, Prof. Dr., was present as a special guest. Nand Bahadur Singh was present.

In the same program, Deputy Mayor of Virendranagar Municipality Nilakantha Khanal, Secretary of Ministry of Social Development of Karnali Province Sant Bahadur Sunar, Chairman of Surkhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lakshman Kandel, Central Member of CAN Federation Ram Rawal, President of CAN Federation Prem Prakash Chand, Anup Nepali of Asia Foundation and others were present. was there

In the digital dialogue, there was a wide discussion about the digital situation of the state between the state government, people’s representatives, stakeholders and representatives of government and non-government agencies. 4 working papers were presented in the dialogue.

Hariram Rimal from ICT Foundation Nepal gave his presentation about the digital capabilities of Karnali Province. Similarly, IT and e-Governance expert Dipendra Paudel of Bagmati Province, Digital Governance of Bagmati Province, Bharat Paudel of Phonepe on Digital Economy and Pradeep Dhakal of RARA Labs presented a working paper on Digital Capabilities Landscape of Karnali Province.

A panel session on the digital potential of Karnali province was also held during the dialogue. The speakers in the session were Nilakantha Khanal, Deputy Mayor of Virendranagar Municipality, Madhav Khanal, Head of Surkhet Versatile College, Prem Prakash Chand, President of Karnali Presh of CAN Federation and Anup Nepali of Asia Foundation Nepal. The panel was facilitated by Rajan Lamsal, President of ICT Foundation Nepal.

Earlier, digital dialogue has been organized in Koshi, Madhes, Bagmati and Sudurpaschim provinces. After Karnali Province, Digital Dialogue is being organized in Lumbini and Gandaki Provinces.

After the digital dialogue is held in all seven provinces, a research-based book ‘Digital Province Scenario 2’ will be published, which covers the digital situation of the entire province.

After that, ‘Digital Nepal Conclave 2023’ will be held in Kathmandu on June 8 and 9 as a grand program. The conclave program started last year with digital dialogue.

You can participate in the digital dialogue for free. For that, you can go to www.digitalsamvad.org and register.

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