Nischal Baniyan nominated for Young Scientist Award

Nischal Baniyan nominated for Young Scientist Award

Bagmati UNESCO Club President Nischal Bania has been nominated for the Young Scientist Award. Baniyan has been nominated by the European Science Conference for the award ceremony which is going to be held in the UK on November 15.

Encouraging his contribution to carbon capture technology, the organizing committee of the program nominated Baniyan.

Bania, 22, is currently graduating in Chemical Engineering and Technology from Zhejiang University of Technology in China.

Biofuels, Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Covid-19 and Tissue Engineering are the subjects of his study and research.

He is also currently working as a research assistant at Zhejiang University’s Laboratory of Organic Chemistry.

He is also the Assistant Editor of the North American Academic Research Journal, published by the World Academy of Sciences in the United States.

Meetings International from Singapore 2020 has also given Baniyan the Young Scientist Award for his contribution to chemical engineering.


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