Now Nabil Bank’s NBank can be used from the website, what services can be taken?

Nabil Bank has launched its new online banking service NBank Web. The bank started this service from Thursday by holding a virtual event.


Under this service, customers can use their desktop, tablet or laptop to send funds up to 20 lakhs per day and 50 lakhs per month through online banking services.

The bank said that with the help of NBank Web, it will help in providing accessible and secure services in addition to expanding user-friendly banking services. According to the bank, individual customers registered in the NBank app (mobile banking) can use the same ID and password or QR code to log in.

Vinay Kumar Regmi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the bank said that NBank Wave will provide an omni-channel banking experience similar to the NBank Mobile Banking App.

He said, ‘It provides ease of financial management with upper limit of online transactions.’ With the start of online banking service, the existing internet banking service Nabilnet will be closed from 6th of July. Customers who operate personal accounts can now use NBank Web. He added, “Corporate customers currently using Nabilnet will have to register in CorporatePay.”

Through NBank Web, customers can perform financial activities such as opening accounts, sending funds, bill payments, viewing card details, opening fixed deposits, and taking loans against fixed deposits.

Stating that NBank Web includes a high level of security, Regmi said, ‘Keeping in mind the security of customer information and transactions on NBank’s web, we have introduced a high level of security through strong measures including strong encryption, two-factor authentication, automatic logout facility and SIM verification.’

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