Why is the headlight of a new bike always on?

Most of the motorcycles and two-wheelers coming into the market recently have their headlights on. The headlight on/off button is not placed on the handle. Even during the day, why is the headlight of the motorcycle burning like this? Today we will discuss this topic:

Moreover, the modern vehicles in the market are not only different in terms of features but also effective and attractive. One of which is the headlight that is constantly on in today’s bikes. The practice of always-on headlights is known as Automatic Headline On (AOH) technology.

Due to this technology, the headlights of two-wheelers keep on giving light. This feature is available, especially in two-wheeled motorcycles and scooters made after 2020. The main reason for keeping the AOH feature in such vehicles is that they are smaller in size compared to buses, trucks or cars.

Such small vehicles are not visible in adverse weather conditions like smoke, mist, fog, etc. Another thing is that it is difficult to determine whether motorcycles and scooters are coming even from a long distance. In this case, keeping the lights of two-wheelers on continuously makes it easier to see them, which helps in enhancing road safety.

Most of the vehicles involved in road accidents are two-wheeled. Due to this many people die, become disabled or are injured every day. For this reason, AHO technology has been started to be used in two-wheelers worldwide. It is expected to play a significant role in the safety of two-wheeler drivers as well as pedestrians.

Most of the countries in the world, including neighbouring India, have made AHO technology mandatory in two-wheelers.

How much is the effect on the vehicle when the headlights are on continuously?

It is a fact that keeping the headlights of a motorcycle on at all times can lead to increased battery consumption. However, this does not negatively impact the battery itself. With the implementation of AOH technology, two-wheelers will have improved batteries and alternators that can handle the additional load and the vehicle’s internal workings with ease.

This technology has been added without significantly affecting the price of the two-wheeler. However, it is essential to reduce the vehicle’s energy consumption, which can result in a reduction of about one kilometre per litre in the overall mileage of the two-wheeler.


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