Breaking the wrong information of Corona, Nepal, take the service and do ‘Thumsup’

Breaking the wrong information of Corona, Nepal Covid, take the service and do ‘Thumsup’

As the Corona epidemic began in the country, various misinformation spread. Moreover, a lot of misinformation came on social networks like Facebook and YouTube.

It was difficult for the general public to decide what was right and what was wrong when there was confusion about the new disease Covid-19, which was seen for the first time in the world.

Some efforts were made to reduce such misinformation and to provide accurate information to the public. One of them is the platform Nepal Covid

Nepal Covid Support started work as soon as the second wave of corona epidemic started in Nepal. He has been providing various services related to Corona.

Divesh Giri, founder of Nepal Covid Support, said that the campaign was launched to provide accurate information related to Covid.

It is working to provide accurate information, collect information and update its website. In the case of corona infection, corona infection has become very easy for the general public.

It provides ‘verified’ information about numbers including oxygen, plasma, telemedicine, ambulance, home PCR through crowd source.

Contact numbers of Oxygen Supplier, Ambulance, Home PCR Service, Blood Bank, Telemedicine, Hotline etc. are kept in Nepal Covid Support.

It can be informed whether the service has been taken or not by calling the number given in it. For that, there is a facility of ‘Thumsup’ and ‘Thumsdown’.

If you get the service from the number provided in Nepal Covid Support, you can click on ‘Thumsup’ and if not, you can click on ‘Thumsdown’.

Nepal Covid Support has stated that from ‘ThumsUp’ and ‘ThumsDown’, you can get clear information on which number to call and which service is not available.

Divesh Giri, the founder of the hospital, said that they did not have any information about the condition of the beds in the hospital.

Nepal Covid Support also has an ‘Ad Data’ option. From which data can be sent. The data appears on the website only after the team has ‘verified’ it.

Also, by clicking on the ‘Join’ option, if anyone wants to work as a volunteer, they can fill in the form and join.

They also run the Nepal Covid 19 support Facebook group. He said that he has helped many people.

Through the Facebook page, they provide information on the availability of oxygen, PCR tests, and the need for doctor’s help.

Earlier, they also ran a Connect website on Plaza. The website was created to connect patients and their relatives who want to donate plasma corona infection free and need plasma.


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