Now you don’t have to go to the office to pay taxes, this is how you pay vehicle tax online

Now you don’t have to go to the office to pay taxes, this is how you pay vehicle tax online

Vehicles registered in Bagmati Pradesh can be taxed and renewed online. For that, Bagmati Pradesh has launched online system from Friday.

The online service was inaugurated by Bagmati Chief Minister Dormani Poudel at a function on Friday.

Vehicles not only registered in Bagmati but also registered in other states but paid and renewed from Bagmati will also be able to pay tax and renew online.

Arrangement has been made to pay and renew vehicle tax through the website Transportation Management Information System (TMIS) and Citizen App of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of the state.

TMIS can be used to enter and view details of vehicles and vehicle owners, to collect revenue including taxes, fees, to make online payments and to get other prescribed services.

This is how taxes can be paid

Taxes can be paid through the Transport Management Information System (TMIS) and Citizen App developed by the Ministry. Initially paying taxes from TMIS click here Do it Then on the right side, the vehicle login portal appears.

There appears an option called New Registration. Click on it and create an account with your details. Then login to the account. After logging in, a plus icon will appear. Click on that icon. Then add the details according to your bluebook and update your profile.

If the details do not match, the details can be corrected yourself. Now there appears to be a tax amount to be paid. Make sure your vehicle insurance is not maintained and if not, fill out the insurance available online. Then click on the Pay Tax option.

After that, the amount to be paid as tax is shown there. Then choose which office to pay the tax. And there appears a description where click Connect IPS and click Pay.

Then login to Connect IPS and choose which bank account to pay from and submit. And pay with OTP.

After the payment is made, you will see the option to download the receipt. The receipt contains all the details of your vehicle including the QR code.

Drop the downloaded receipt on your vehicle. From which the traffic police will scan the code from the mobile app and make sure that the tax has not been paid. With this code, you don’t have to carry a blue book. All these services can also be availed from the Citizen app.

According to the online payment procedure, the tax amount can be paid online and you have to reach the transport office within a month to update and verify the bill book. Once verified, you will not have to visit the transport office from next year.


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