Online transfer system effective

Online transfer system effective

Chintamani Pardhe, a computer operator who was transferred from Land Reform and Land Revenue Office, Ghorahi to Road Division Office, Dang, was transferred to the same office within a week of applying online.

Although he did not expect to be transferred so easily in a short period of time, he felt that the transfer from the online system was effective.

Pardhe said, “When you apply for a transfer online, you can easily transfer without any hassle. I felt that the online system is effective for transfer.”

Like Pardhe, Sarita Adhikari, who was transferred from the District Post Office, Mahottari to the National Library, also said that the online system was effective.

“I don’t know anyone in the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration,” he said. “I received a call from the ministry within four days of the online application.”

According to him, there is an opportunity to choose the office to serve in the online form. “I filled out a form to serve in a government library that was suitable for me and the post was vacant. I was easily transferred to the office of my choice in four days,” he said.

The online transfer system started by the ministry since last November is becoming effective. According to the ministry, 1,431 people have applied for transfer online since November. Of the applicants, 253 have been transferred to the selected office.

“Employees in remote areas do not have to go to the ministry carrying transfer applications,” said Rajiv Pokharel, chief and joint secretary of the ministry’s administration division. The staff of the ministry also has to spend most of their time collecting applications and meeting people.

After the ministry started the online transfer system, the employees have to go to the ministry to save time and money.

Pokharel said that the cost of staying in hotels in Kathmandu has been reduced for the transfer of employees from remote areas and the service flow has been effective due to the rush and time saved for Bhansun.

“When applying online, the ministry has become less crowded, and people who don’t have to move have to be transferred easily.” Pokharel said, “The ministry does not always have to be involved in the transfer system. The application received in the email of the ministry will be transferred within 25 to 30 days of the month.

Earlier, one month was required to work in the transfer system, but now only five days a month will be enough, the ministry said. GorkhapatraFrom


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