Prize to the winner of space painting with telescope

Prize to the winner of space painting with telescope

The winners of the National Space Painting Competition organized on the occasion of World Space Week have been awarded prizes including telescopes.

Suen Bhattarai of Champion School Lagankhel has won the first place in the painting competition on ‘Doors to the Moon’ organized by Nepal Astronomical Society in 2019 BS.

Aman Basnet of The Celebration Coed School II, Jorpati received certificates and medals and Sarita Ramtel of Panchakanya Secondary School cantonment received certificates and gifts in the competition, said Suresh Bhattarai, president of the society.

Similarly, Rina Chaudhary of First Kids Learning School, Kumaristhan has bagged a telescope, medal and certificate in the 4th National Space Painting Competition on ‘Satellite Makes Life Easier’ in 2020 BS.

Rohan Bhattarai of Trinity College Dilli Bazaar, the winner of the national online space oratory in 2020, has received Rs 5,000 in cash, a medal and a certificate.

The society has informed that the winners who are unable to attend the prize distribution program can contact the office and collect the prize.

Arket Maharjan of Make Engineering, which sponsors the Telescope for the National Space Painting Competition, said such competitions would help unleash the talents of the students.

The activities of Panchakanya Secondary School, Camp Headmaster Mrs. Rupa Manandhar, The Celebration Coed School, Deputy Principal of Jorpati Sagar Dahal, Nepal Astronomical Society praised the activities of the school level students and teachers.

On the occasion, Manisha, program coordinator and director of the society and project coordinator, expressed confidence that Vijayi would be inspired to be active in this field.

It is said that the society is going to demand applications for these two competitions for the year 2021 soon. This year, a program on ‘Role of Women in Space Science’ will be held.

The World Space Week Society, which has been celebrated globally since October 4 to 10 or 2000, since the United Nations declared it in 1999, has been celebrating various events nationally every year since its inception in 2007. रासस


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