Science kit made in Nepal for experimental learning is public

Science kit made in Nepal for experimental learning is public

The factory, which is working to build an experimental and practical learning experience, has made public a science kit (science learning material) prepared in Nepal targeting students from class 6 to 8.

The science kit includes experimental learning materials for the subjects in the science textbook. Factory science notes are also available in such kits.

The kit also contains guidance materials to eliminate confusion during the use of the kit. A similar digital guide book is also available with the factory science kit.

The factory claims that this is the first time such a kit has been made in Nepal. The factory has stated that the kit has been prepared after 8 years of research.

The factory has stated that the students can know and understand all the subjects in the course in a practical way through the factory science kit and experience science by taking it out of the book.

The factory says the corona epidemic has had a major impact on practical and quality education, preventing students from being distracted by research materials produced by the factory.

This will benefit both teachers and students and allow students to experience the science lab at home, the factory said.

Pavitra Bahadur Gautam, co-founder and chief executive officer of the factory, said that they are working on science kits and other things, realizing the need to make children’s learning practical and teach invention.

He claims that the factory has created a cycle of technological education. It is claimed that the Science Kit emphasizes 21st century education.

To order these science kits, you can call 9801888824, 9802071625 or contact the factory’s website and Facebook page. Arrangements have been made to deliver science kits at home by ordering from similar cheap deals and UG market.

The factory is also working on making science information books and kits for young grandparents.

Factory is an organization that conducts research on education. It researches new learning methods, from curricula to classroom learning plans.

It is also a group of teachers. He has also been working on how to impart practical and technical education. The factory has also been producing various materials required for practical and technical education.

The factory has started working for practical and technology-friendly education since 2073 BS and has now reached 6,100 students. Apart from Nepal, factory-made learning materials have also reached five other countries.


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