Shubh Lakshmi Fund SIP and unit purchase payments are now made through this

Systematic investment plan (SIP) and unit purchase under Shubh Lakshmi Fund operated by Lakshmi Capital Market can be easily paid from ISEWA.


One can buy SIP and units of Lakshmi Mutual Fund by going to Financial Services on Iseva app and webpage, selecting investment button. The service has been made available to customers who are not registered with Capital to purchase SIP and units, so that they can register through Iseva.

In addition, ISEWA and ISEWA Remit in collaboration with the skill project are conducting various programs to make use of remittances for Nepalis involved in foreign employment.

Under this program, it is believed that Shubha Lakshmi Fund’s SIPs and units will be useful for easily investing the remittances sent by the workers who have gone for foreign employment.

Iseva, which is providing electronic payment services, currently has 7 million users. Similarly, about 16 million people are receiving services directly and indirectly through ISWA.

At present, there are about 185,000 agents (Isewa zones and points) affiliated to Isewa all over the country. At present, the number of merchants in Iseva has exceeded three lakh.

In addition to payment of insurance premium, payment of share transactions, payment of mobile phone, telephone, internet, electricity and drinking water tariff, recharge, airplane, bus ticket, payment of TMS, payment of school and college fees can be made from Iseva.

There are currently 50 banks and financial institutions as members of Iseva. From these banks, you can easily deposit money in Iseva and send money from Iseva to your bank account.

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