Smartboard in all classes, computer course in class 11th and 12th

The use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has been found to be effective in teaching and learning activities. Sher Bahadur Shrestha, the school’s headmaster, says that since the use of ICT in Mohanmaya Secondary School in Birtamod Municipality-2 Ramchok, Jhapa has started teaching, the number of students is high.


According to Principal Shrestha, through the Vocational Education and Training Enhancement Project (EVENT), the Government of Nepal granted Mohanmaya Secondary School permission to conduct ICT classes, and now the school is using technology to teach and teach.

He says, ‘We have been teaching in Mohanmaya High School since 2075 using information and communication technology from nursery to class 12, in which students of every class have been doing practicals based on the syllabus. Especially in class 11 and 12, we have computer courses.’ He also said that he also teaches the courses of the Technical Education and Vocational Training Council (CTEVT).

Since the financial year 2078 and 1979, the government of Nepal has provided financial support to this school for the operation of ICT classes, and the traditional teaching style has been modified and teaching has been done using smart technology. Because of this, technical teacher Lakshman Oli says that it is easy to teach and understand students. He says, ‘There are smart boards in every class. It also varies from section to section. In classes 11 and 12, we have made computer and management courses mandatory.’

The headmaster of the school, Shrestha, claims that when teaching is done through projectors using electronic devices, students are more active in teaching and learning activities, and thus the quality of education is improved.

He says, ‘We have received 24 branded computers, 6 computers, 7 laptops and projectors from the state government with the help of the Telecommunication Authority under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Government of Nepal. It has made it easier to teach students. We are teaching based on technology-friendly classes.’

He says that the technical classes of Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Civil Engineering (Hydropower) and 24 months Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering (Wilding Construction) are being conducted based on the course provided by CTEVT.

In addition to this, he said that from this financial year 2080-81, preparations have been made to teach mathematics and social education based on technology. Regarding technology-based subjects, the principal says that skilled manpower has been prepared by training the teachers of related subjects.

He says, ‘Now we have trained the teachers who are interested in ICT and have started teaching students from them. It has also made it easy and even in the absence of a teacher, students can learn new things by themselves using ICT, so this teaching method has been seen to be effective.

Sourav Neupane, head of the school’s publisher, says that the event project helped in the purchase of electronic equipment such as laptops, projectors, CC cameras, computers, DVRs, LVRs to improve the educational quality of the school.

He says, ‘Technical education and ICT classes are being conducted jointly by the Federal Ministry of Nepal Government, Helvetas and the Ministry of Social Development of the State Government. It has made the teaching and learning activities easier and the behavior and behavior of the students has also changed.’

According to Sher Bahadur Shrestha, the principal of the school, the event project has provided this school with financial support of Rs. Students are enthusiastic about their studies after teaching using technology in schools.

He says, ‘Mohanmaya Mavi is one of the model schools in the district. The number of students studying in this school is one thousand seven hundred. There are many students who leave private schools to study in this school with the start of teaching using technology to the maximum.’

This school is known as an inspirational school for some public schools, which are facing accusations of declining educational quality in public schools. To get information about the educational quality of this school, they also come from different schools of the country for observation. According to Principal Shrestha, there is also a plan to make a mini museum of mathematics and social education from this year.

Another teacher of the school, Mukund Dhakal, says that the use of ICT in the school has made the students enjoy learning and the event project has helped them to learn using the best technology.

He says, ‘The use of ICT has been found to be more effective for conducting special classes (hearing-impaired students). In this school, students with impaired hearing are also taught with accommodation. This is a relief to everyone.’

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