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Digital Samvad 4.0 will be organized in Dhangadhi on Monday. Digital Sudurpaschim Samvad in Association with PhonePe is going to be held in Dhangadhi on Monday 25th Baisakh under the initiative of ICT Foundation Nepal.


The program will be attended by Ministers of Far Western Provinces, high government officials, representatives of various organizations and others.

In the digital dialogue, there will be a wide discussion about the digital situation of the state between the state government, people’s representatives, stakeholders and representatives of government and non-government agencies.

In addition to the presentation of working papers, it is said that there will also be a pan discussion session. Earlier, digital dialogue has been organized in Koshi, Madhes and Bagmati provinces. After Sudurpaschim, digital dialogue will be held in the rest of the province as well.

After the digital dialogue is held in all seven provinces, a research-based book ‘Digital Province Scenario 2’ will be published, which covers the digital situation of the entire province.

After that, the grand program ‘Digital Nepal Conclave 2023’ will be held in Kathmandu on June 8 and 9. The conclave program started last year with digital dialogue.

You can participate in the dialogue for free. If you also want to participate, you can go to and register your name.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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