Stakeholder Emphasis on Shared Use of Telecommunication Infrastructure

Stakeholders have emphasized on the joint use of telecommunication infrastructure. Speaking at the 2-day Huawei Digital Nepal Conclave, which started from Friday, the speakers said this.


In a panel session on digital infrastructure support for digital capability, Sudhir Parajuli, president of the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPAN), said that even though sharing of telecommunication infrastructure is necessary, in Nepal, the mindset of letting others use their own goods is still maintained.

Similarly, Sudip Acharya, managing director of Dishhome, said that there was a problem in the infrastructure when working without adequate planning.

On the other hand, the Director of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Vijay Kumar Rai, said that infrastructure sharing is necessary for telecommunication services to be cheap, and accordingly, the authority is facilitating sharing.

Speaking at the event, Mohammad Adil Isar, Chief Technology Officer of Ncell, said that the basic foundation of connectivity in Nepal has been prepared and now the service providers and regulators should work on the digital ecosystem.

He says that there is still ambiguity in the law for infrastructure sharing. Similarly, Sangita Pahadi, chief business officer of Nepal Telecom, said that they are co-using their infrastructure as much as possible.

Tara Pradhan, director of Nepal Electricity Authority, said that in the beginning, optical fiber was not started in terms of business.

The Electricity Authority has started undergrounding the wires. Some cores are being ducted while underground. He said that they are positive to allow the cable of other service providers to be placed in the said duct.

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