The government is still negotiating with Mahavir Pun today

The government representative and the founder of the National Innovation Center, Mahavir Pun, are still in talks today. After the talks on Sunday did not reach a conclusion, the talks are going to be held again today.


The participants in the talks said that Sunday’s talks were close to verbal agreement. They say that an agreement can be reached in writing on Monday.

Pun has been staging an indefinite dharna at Maitighar Mandal since last Friday, demanding that the state should increase investment in the field of research, innovation and innovation.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, while talking to reporters in Chitwan, said that Mahaveer was sitting on a sit-in on his own advice.

The sit-in of Mahavir Pun, the founder of the National Innovation Center, has reached four days today with 4-point demands including research, innovation and invention.

He started the sit-in from Friday as a protest saying that the government has neglected research and innovation. Along with Mahavir, party leaders of political parties and social activists have also been participating in the dharna every day.

On the third day, the chairman of the National Democratic Party, Rajendra Lingden, Dr. Dr. Govind KC and others expressed their solidarity in the sit-in.

Similarly, youths from various fields carried placards with slogans such as ‘Encourage startup entrepreneurs’, ‘Youth participation in the world of research, innovation and innovation’.

Pun has put forward 4 points of demand for the movement.

1. Every year, the federal and state governments should set aside 1 percent of their development budget and keep it in the ‘Research, Innovation and Invention Fund’ to provide solid support to talented and creative Nepalis who do research, innovation and invention. From that fund, all talented children of Nepal should be supported to carry out necessary research, innovation and invention. If the amount collected in the fund is not spent in the same year, provision should be made to spend it in the next year as well.

2. In order to easily provide the amount of that fund to talented and innovative Nepalis in time, the Parliament should create a ‘Research, Innovation and Innovation Promotion, Operation and Procurement Act’ separate from the Public Procurement Act of the Government of Nepal and policy rules should be made so that the research work can be put in a multi-year program as needed.

3.Nepalese who want to become entrepreneurs by producing things made by research, innovation and invention and have been successfully tested should be provided the necessary permits, licenses, subsidies and easy loans to start enterprises and should make policies and rules to provide solid support to market the indigenous products. In order to facilitate the work and make policy rules as per the need, a ‘new entrepreneur promotion committee’ should be formed and the committee should request the government to take necessary steps.

4. A ‘Department of Applied Research and Innovation’ should be opened under the Ministry of Science to encourage and promote practical research with high priority in private research centers, non-profit research centers and universities. The department should be entrusted with full authority to prevent the country’s talents from migrating abroad and how and in what form to bring the talents who have migrated abroad back home and prepare a solid environment to take advantage of them.

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