Testing the electric vehicle charging technology running on the pitch road

Testing the electric vehicle charging technology running on the pitch road

Investigators are testing the type of cement that can be charged while driving an electric vehicle. If this test is successful, Batale will charge the electric vehicle. Researchers say that this technology can be a bit expensive.

According to Autoblog, this new type of cement can contain a magnetic substance that can charge very quickly. This magnetic cement will be tested first in the lab and then it will be tested by pitching the road at a quarter of a mile. Researchers say that this cement is very strong and does not break easily.

If this test is successful, the road in Indiana, USA will be pitched with the same magnetic cement. It is being funded by the National Science Foundation and is being constructed by Purdue University and the German company Magment. It claims to provide wireless transmission efficiency at a rate of 95 percent.


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