The lack of chips has also affected the Nepali market, making it difficult to meet the demand for smartphones

The lack of chips has also affected the Nepali market, making it difficult to meet the demand for smartphones

Although a large number of mobile sets were imported in the last fiscal year, it has not been enough to meet the market demand. The market has not been able to supply as per the demand of smartphones.

According to the concerned businessmen, the demand of smartphones in the market has not been met. Chairman of the Nepal Mobile Importers Association Deepak Malhotra said that it is becoming difficult to meet the market demand now.

“The market demand has not been met now,” said Malhotra. The day tens of thousands of mobile phones arrive, that’s all. ‘

The main reason for this is the lack of mobile chips around the world. There has been a shortage of mobile chips in the world market for the last few months. Chip production has not kept pace with the demand for smartphones in the global market.
Malhotra said that the impact was felt in Nepal as well. “The main reason for the lack of demand-driven mobile phones in Nepal is the lack of chips,” said Malhotra.

A few days ago, appointing Shankar Group as the official seller of Chinese brand Realmy in Nepal, Madhav Sheth, vice president of Realmy and CEO of Realmy India and European market, also said that the supply could not meet the demand due to lack of chips in the world market. He also said that there could be a shortage of chips in the world market for some time to come.

On the one hand, the demand for smartphones in Nepal has increased while the supply is declining. Due to the covid infection, working from home, online classes, gym meetings have increased the demand for smartphones.

With the naturally growing market, the market for smartphones has grown due to the covid transition, Malhotra said. Also, old and bar phone users are now using smartphones. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of not being able to talk on video with relatives abroad without a social network.

He also said that the sales of smartphones have increased even after the regulatory body Nepal Telecom Authority announced to stop illegal mobiles.

He says that now every brand in Nepal has not been able to meet the demand of their mobiles. Samsung had a monopoly on the Nepali market. Lately, other brands have been competing with Samsung.

Saomi is competing well with Samsung. Mobiles like Oppo, Realmy, Huawei are also among the best selling in Nepal.

While the demand is being met, the country’s mobile business has done very well in the last fiscal year. That year, 37 billion mobile phones were imported into the country, setting a new record in the mobile business.

As per the statistics of the last fiscal year 2077/78, mobile handsets worth Rs. 36.90 billion 45.84 million have been imported.

This is by far the largest mobile business in the country. Compared to the previous year, mobile imports have increased by 103 percent this year.

Last year, mobile phones worth Rs 18.17 billion were imported in the country.


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