The place to buy a ‘refurbished phone’ by selling old, check the price of old mobile online

The place to buy a ‘refurbished phone’ by selling old, check the price of old mobile online

Uttam Kafle of Sindhuli came up with an idea two years ago to make old electronic devices reusable. That is, to buy old materials like old smartphones, laptops and make them reusable.

His idea would benefit in three ways. First of all, old and worn out phones and laptops will be sold. The other side is that those who can’t afford to buy smartphones and laptops at a higher price will get cheaper ‘new’ goods.

Another important thing is to help in the management of e-waste which is spreading as a problem in the country.

There is a lack of laws and policies on how to manage and reuse old smartphones and laptops that are growing in homes. Although there is no policy provision from the state for its management, some work has started from the grassroots level.

An example is Kafle, who started making refurbished phones. Two and a half years ago, he joined hands with Shubhechcha Tiwari of Lalitpur to set up a ‘refurbished phone’ company in Sanepa, everyone‘Established.

Kafle, the founder of ‘Everyone’s Phone’, says the idea was to reduce waste at the local level and re-use electronic devices to support the local economy.

When we sell ‘refurbished phones’, we don’t just sell phones. A phone is also reused, ‘he told ICT News,’ the old phone at home comes to ‘everyone’s phone’ is refurbished and goes to the market again. It didn’t become dirty for at least 1-2 years. ‘

He says that refurbished phones can meet the needs of the people and also reduce the financial burden. “Not everyone can afford premium phones, they are expensive,” he says. This allows the customer to use a cheaper and better phone. ‘

He offers a 6-month warranty on the software and hardware of the refurbished phone. They also do phone repair work. Kafle says repair work is not his priority.

The current priority is to refurbish and sell old phones in Nepal. They don’t have a phone refurbished plan.

You can also sell your old phone on everyone’s phone. He said that the price will be decided on the basis of the initial price of the phone and the value that will be reduced when there is a problem with the phone.

The company is also running a public awareness program on why it is necessary to go to schools and reuse electronic materials, what is the importance of refurbished phones, who can support them, and how to manage electronic waste. He has also worked with organizations working for environmental protection.

They plan to raise awareness about what a refurbished phone is and why it is needed. He said that there are plans to sell other electronic items by refurbishing them in the future.

He says that the response of the customers who took the phone from everyone’s phone was also good. “It simply came to our notice then. It also saves time. Money was also saved. It is inspiring that the environment has become friendly, ”he said happily.

He said that up to 200 refurbished phones go to the market monthly. He said that he should feel proud while carrying a refurbished phone.

“People in Europe are more comfortable using refurbished goods,” he says.

Find out for yourself the value of your old phone

His team has also developed an algorithm on everyone’s There ‘cell your phoneIn the section, the estimated value comes after the client chooses the brand and model of his company and answers the common question asked there. He said that they will buy the phone at the same price that comes on the website.

They do not have software updates available and many older phones are not refurbished. When refurbished, the parts of the phone that are mobile are used. “Sometimes when the goods are not available, we outsource and keep the new goods,” Kafle said. “There is no modification in the software.”

A place to buy and sell old phones

Six people have got employment on everyone’s phone. That number was slightly higher before the lockdown. Everyone’s phone also delivers refurbished phones in some places in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

Also, if someone wants to sell their old phone, they can take it home. This service is also available in some places of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

Sabko Phone plans to provide delivery services in major cities of the country in collaboration with an online delivery company. This service will be available soon.

In our country, there is still a perception that only fruits and food are dirty. “The biggest waste in the world right now is electronic waste,” he said. The world generates 50 million metric tons of electronic waste every year. Half of which comes from South Asia alone.

“In the next few years, we will have to look at electronic waste as garbage at our dumping sites,” Kafle said. Electronic waste also contains chemicals that harm people and the environment.


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