The website for viewing the results of the university is under the control of the hacker

Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University Examination Control Office (Panika), Balkhu Website ( has been found to be under the control of the hacker. Since Tuesday evening, the website has come under the control of hackers and it has been found that when the site is opened, it is redirected to a Facebook profile named 'Rohit Rokaya'.

After the news of redirecting to an unrelated person's Facebook profile when opening the website spread, now a message is being placed when opening the website that it is undergoing 'maintenance'.

Panika has made various certificate related services online based on transcripts from Monday. Information about the damage caused by the website hack incident is yet to come.

Sougat Pokharel, who is researching and researching cyber security, said that someone may have gained unauthorized access to the website of the university.

With the launch of online service by Trivi from Monday, it has also increased the attack surface on Trivi's website. Now, as the sensitive data of millions of students is also available, the chances of the university website being targeted by hackers are even higher. Due to this, security challenges have been added to the website,” Pokharel said in a Facebook post.

Trivi has not yet given an official response to the problem seen on the website.

Last updated: Jan 17, 2080 8:31


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