Tipi Link’s internet service is now also available in Dang, Rolpa and Salyan

Tipi Link’s internet service is now also available in Dang, Rolpa and Salyan

Internet service provider Tipi Link Network has started providing its services in Dang and surrounding districts. Only a few months ago, a branch of Tipi Link was established in Tulsipur, Dang.

Damodar Dumre, head of Tipi Link Network, said that a new branch has been set up in Tulsipur with the objective of providing cheap, quality and reliable internet service in Dang.

Nawaraj Budha and Khim Bahadur Gharti, operators of the Tulsipur branch, said that the internet service has become an essential service at present.

The Tulsipur branch has network access to Rolpa’s Triveni, Runtigadhi and Salyan’s Kapurkot.

The company has informed that it can be delivered to all the rural settlements and other markets as per the demand of the customers in other places as well.

Although there are many other internet service providers in the market, the company has stated that the customer problem will be solved at any time with different facilities and support than other companies. The company has been providing internet from 20 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

Tipi Link Network, established in 2073 BS in Kaski, is now operating in Pokhara, Palpa, Syangja, Parbat, Tanahu and Tulsipur of Dang.


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