Use Zoom Safely

Use Zoom Safely

Lately, the use of Zoom has also increased in Nepal. Zoom is used for webinars, meetings and conferencing.

In addition to zoom, there are also options including Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. But Zoom is being used a lot for webinars. Zoom is available in both free and paid versions.

Zoom bombing is one of the most talked about things in a zoom meeting. So that someone can capture your screen and do the wrong thing. So today we are giving you information on how to avoid zoom bombing and how to use zoom safely.

Update the zoom app

After updating the zoom app, a new security option can be seen in the meeting toolbar. So check out the Zoom app and download the latest update.

Use unique ID and password for call

When creating a new account in Zoom you are given a personal Midding ID. This is a numeric code that can be given to others for meetings.

There is also another option from which a new unique ID can be generated. You can also change the password there. Once you set the password for the meeting, it will be needed for future meetings as well.

Creation of waiting room

With the help of the waiting room, the host can control the participants. With the help of the waiting room, participants can enter the meeting one by one or at a time.

Only the host can confirm the screen share

Make sure only the screen share host can avoid screen hijacking in Zumba meetings.

Lock when meeting starts

Lock the meeting if you started the meeting and joined all the meetings you expected. From which new participants will not be able to participate.

Participants can be removed or put on hold

Participants in the meeting can be held on hold. From this the audio and video of the participant can be put on hold.

Also mouse over the participant’s name to remove the participant from the meeting. Then there are various other options along with the Remove option.

Disable video

The host can also block someone’s video in a zoom meeting. This zoom feature will allow the host to distract unnecessarily or block inappropriate video gestures.

Stop animated gifs and other files in chat

Files, images or animated gifts shared by participants can also be blocked in the chat area of ​​the zoom meeting.

Manage chats

This option may be for you if you are hosting a meeting and have been harassed by strangers in private chat. To avoid this you can disable private chat.

Do not post meeting passwords on social media

Do not post meeting passwords on social media. When posting, people with malicious intent may try to disrupt meetings and events.

Instead of sharing meeting IDs and passwords on social media, participants can put a link to register.


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