We are trying to move all advertisements to one-door system: Communications Minister Sharma

Communication, Information and Technology Minister Rekha Sharma has said that efforts are being made to move all advertisements to a one-door system. While submitting a memorandum to Minister Sharma at Singh Darwar, the Nepal Journalist Federation Foundation State Committee said that the government has done homework to stop the leakage of government advertisements.


She said that only by stopping the leakages and middlemanship seen in the government advertisements, the solution to the problems faced by the Nepali media and media workers will be a significant contribution. Stating that she has found 80 to 90 percent discounts in government advertisements and taking money through middlemen, she said, ‘If only that can be stopped, the financial problems faced by the media will be solved to a certain extent. It will also benefit working journalists.’

He claims that the implementation of the one-to-one system in advertising will also help in solving the problem of hard-working journalists not getting service facilities on time. This is not the case with advertising. Advertising will go to a one-door system to strengthen the journalism profession and journalists,” she said. “If the leakage in advertising is stopped, the minimum wage in the media and going to the social security fund will not be a problem.”

Minister Sharma said that since the country has gone to federalism, there are some practical difficulties in how the advertisements of the union, state and local levels can be taken to a one-door system. Minister Sharma also requested the Provincial Committee of Nepal Journalist Federation to suggest how it can be solved practically.

Stating that she is aware of the problems of Nepali media and media workers, Minister Sharma said that it is sad that journalists are not included in social security fund.

‘Foreign employed workers have been included in the social security fund. Journalists should no longer be excluded from the social security fund,’ she said.

She also requested that only active journalists be included in the Federation of Journalists in order to organize and dignify the journalism profession. She said that it would be easy for the government to provide the rights and facilities of journalists. Stating that the government is in the process of creating various laws related to communication, Sharma said that the current government is not in favor of creating laws against freedom of press and expression.

She informed that a legal arrangement is being prepared to regulate the online media through some amendments to the Nepal Act. Minister Sharma said that she will proceed with the necessary discussion and consultation with the federation.

The visiting team led by Balkrishna Adhikari, President of Nepal Journalist Federation, reminded that when the democratic governance system becomes weak in the country, Nepali journalists stand on the ‘fountain line’ and play a role in protecting it.

In addition, he mentioned that there is a problem of not getting salary in time in the communication establishment and not getting the salary stipulated by the Sramjivi Newspaper Act and the Minimum Wage Fixation Committee.

Due to the lack of press pass, working journalists are finding it difficult to access information, and it has been requested to arrange the necessary environment for easy press pass availability.

Stating that a free press is needed to strengthen the democratic governance system, it has been mentioned that when the economy of the country was negatively affected due to the earthquake of 2072, the blockade and the corona epidemic, Nepali media and media workers were also affected.

Stating that it is not possible to have a journalist without a media and a media without a journalist, the provincial committee of the establishment has also drawn attention to the creation of a budget to support the media establishments in the interest of working journalists.

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