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I have recently started Friend’s Corner at RabinsXp.com so that you can
write anything for RabinsXp.com. If you have any worthfull creations,
songs and feelings of your own then feel free to send me. I will publish
here with your name and address if you want.
If you are living abroad and want to share how situations are there,
what are you doing, how is your life, your visit to a new place and
anything you want to share to/with the world.
Do you love somebody or missing someone? Then why don’t you share your
feelings for him/her through this website. Send your articles, messages
for someone, requests and your’s or your friend story plus you can even
ask your queris.
Hope you would like Friend’s Corner at RabinsXp.com. From now you can
send your information via letters@rabinsxp.com.
Rabins Sharma Lamichhane (RabinsXp).

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