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As notified by the email from IEEE CMRIT, I entered to the Mechanical Block AV room at 01:13 which I was wondering it might be a Audio Visual Room which eventually was true. Before this I had had my lunch in very rush after Workshop Lab. There I saw a seminar room on the fourth floor and a line for registration. I scanned the whole room like a detector. Then my eyes detected two known heads – Umanga and Bibas. After the registration I sat on the chair just behind Bibas after a mild smile. I surveyed the room once more – I saw the map of curiosity on faces of boys and girls sitting there. Nevertheless, I was just like them. The white screen of the projector with a single text –“CoreDev”  typed in black made me think about the topic before they start the seminar. I took some juice out of it on my head and waited for the game to begin. Before the techno-play started one guy from the Team came with a smile and sat next to me. Then I came to know that he knew me already via this blog.
The orientation started with a question – why to join Tech Club of CMRIT might be bad one. The best thing I learnt there was – “I help you learn and you help me learn.” The core reason or idea behind it (according to them) to maintain professional relationship.
Basically, class of today was an introduction class to Tech Club of CMRIT. The tech club consists of the following communities :
1. CMRIT Glug
3. CoreDev
4. Elite
A programming session was conducted right after the introduction for both students with no prior experience in programming and students with programming skills.‎ 
I want to speak few words of them here. They told these (below) are few of the topics taking place in the coming week.
1. Introduction to Technical club
2. Functionality of each sub-club.
Pre-requisites for CoreDev club:
1. Less to no knowledge of coding.
2. Enthusiasm to learn.
For Elite club the following is the procedure to attain a membership*-
1. You will be given a problem statement to solve using any preferred language.
2. The shortlisted students will be then interviewed on their respective skills. 
Perks of being an Elite member:
1.  Industry level projects.
2. Competitive coding.
3. Advance level coding with respect to C programming.
4. Data structures.
*The registrations for Elite club remains open at all times during the academic session.
We hope  you take part actively in all the activities, sessions and meetups regularly.
If inlisted following can be the main objectives of CMRIT Tech Club.
1. To HELP you realize your ideas.
2. Provide you with ample resources to implement your ideas.
3. Help you increase your skill set.
4. Workshops ranging from tech events to soft skills.
5. For an overall development of a Student other than the routine academic life.
6. Increase your networking skills thus hep you in building your own professional network.
7. Help you improve your leadership skills to lead the future society.
My journey with the Tecno Club has just began and I believe in myself that one day I can make a change for sure to build a brighter, smarter and safer future for humanity.
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