The Spring of Happiness

In the deepest woods of the forest, there lies a secret spring of happiness. One is drawn to its site by the tinkling melody of its droplets. The serenity of its surroundings blends in with the majestic beauty of its waterfall. The purity of the stream has the power to rejuvenate even the weariest soul. Many a traveler has sought the refuge of its waters…but few have been able to find it.

The materialistic world is constantly on a quest for the spring of happiness. But the more knowledge we achieve, the less wisdom we attain. The more economic security we acquire, the more bored we become. The more leisure we enjoy, the less content we are with life.
We are the restless ocean, finding a little peace here and there, but nothing permanent enough to satisfy us. So the pursuit continues…the desire to find this secret spring is one of the most powerful fuels that drives humanity. We search for it in many places — in relationships, careers, going to movies, consuming alcohol, buying clothes, etc. These are basically things that lie outside the person, implying that happiness is thought to be found through the outside world.

Yet, within us, we can feel that there is more to happiness than the pursuit of pleasures and possessions. We have a mysterious feeling that this spring of happiness exists somewhere and that makes life worthwhile. We keep telling ourselves that somehow, somewhere, we may stumble onto its secret. Sometimes we feel that we have found it — only to find it deceptive, leaving us disillusioned and unhappy.
That happiness which brings enduring significance to life is not the shallow happiness that is dependent upon outer circumstances. It is the happiness that it is dependent upon outer circumstances. It is the happiness and contentment which fills the soul even in the most stressful situations and in the most unpleasant environments. It is the kind of happiness that can bring a smile to one’s face even as one is going through the most distressing of times. The happiness for which our souls yearn is one that is unperturbed by success or failure, one which is rooted deeply within us and which brings about a feeling of peace and contentment. That kind of happiness springs forth from within the soul, enveloping it in a shroud of protection.

So, is it possible that we are looking for this spring is the wrong place? If we were to take a lion and put it in a cage in the circus, could we get any idea of the animal’s real potential? If we were to take a fresh-water fish and put it in the sea, would that fish survive? The lion would feel imprisoned and suffer and the fish would surely die. This is because each creature has specific needs. So what are our needs as human beings? Do we know our own nature?

A man by nature and instinct is left discontent without at least three things:

First – a man needs peace. Not merely a nondescript so-called peace of mind — but a peace which frees him from the bondage of life’s distracting conflicts and frustrations, a peace of soul which envelopes his entire being, a peace that operates even in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations.

Second — a man is confused, perplexed and disconnected from the truth. He needs the truth — not just the truth of the physical and astrological sciences but the truth of his being, his source and his pure purpose of existence.

Third – and most importantly — a man is lonely and lost without the connection to his Creator. To have a vague knowledge of his existence is not enough. Man needs to be assured that he is not alone in this world, that a more supreme power and intelligence is guiding his destiny.

Very few people have any inkling of their great spiritual potential or of the true nature of man. The secret to tapping the spring of happiness is to develop this spiritual dimension in man. This understanding is the key to a deeper and more constant contentment and allows the man to fulfill his purpose. As the fish needs water to live and the lion needs the wild to thrive, so do human beings need spiritual nourishment and spiritual life to develop their full potential.

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