Happy New Year 2016 and Nepali Topi Day 2016

I want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 and NEPALI  TOPI DAY 2016 and hope this year will bring all the good things in your life. I just wanted to share you 2016 year’s greetings and I made this post just for my beautiful peoples.

Please, never stop working hard and never give up your dreams. That one day will come someday. You will be successful in your life. There were lots of ups and down in 2015. 2015 was a year with full power pack events and moments that took me all the way to extreme happiness and sadness.

We survived the April and May Earthquake but Indian Blockade on the border site affected a lot and made our relationships a bit sour. But despite everything, we are still happy because we don’t have time for such bullshits. We love the nature and I’m one of them.

Thank you, everyone, who was there for me to support, inspire, encourage and tolerate mine all misdeeds. I want to thank my family, my friends, and my every nearer and dearer one for being there in every up down, high and low. Basically, we don’t celebrate New Year 2016 because in our calendar we are running on the year 2072.

A few months ago Nepalese celebrated New Year 2072. I think my grandparents and parents had already celebrated New Year 2016 more than 52+ years ago. Anyways, since many people in other parts of the world are celebrating their new year. Then, I think why not join myself in their happiness. We just need an occasion to celebrate anything.

In fact, in Nepal, each and every day has a festival. So for the people like us, we need only an excuse to celebrate, eat, enjoy with friends.

Happy Nepali Topi Day 2016 / Nepalese Topi Diwas 2072
Nepali Topi Day Poster

In recent years, people have started observing the beginning of this 2016’s new year as Nepali Dhaka Topi Day/Nepali Topi Diwas. So, as I told you, I’m loving it and celebrating it. Just need an excuse! “People need to be proud of their past to be confident about their future”.


Nepalese who are fast losing their traditions and pulling in different directions, to come together under the banner of the Nepali Topi and start moving with common agenda and direction with pride in their culture and tradition. so it is just an initiation to empower this concept.

Why Jan 1?

As there is no Nepalese festival on Jan 1 but we have developed a celebration trend. so celebrating the English New Year in Nepali way. Also most of Nepalese who are abroad also get a holiday on Jan 1 and they can celebrate with foreigners showing Nepali culture.

What to do?

On Jan 1, If possible wear Our Nepali Topi while going to the office, college or wherever and upload your pic (selfie) on this Event wall.

Hence, It is a small effort to conserve our culture (Nepali choro ko pahichan )and being together for Unique universal identification

So, goodbye 2015 and hello to 2016. May this year bring lots of happiness and joy in everyone’s life and shall bring peace and prosperity to our country Nepal and rest of the world too. Happy Nepali Topi Day alongside too.

Feel free to share your 2016’s resolution with us. Once again have a rocking Happy New Year 2016 and a very new Nepalese Topi Diwas 2072

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