Is Bhutan becoming the next Sikkim?

Bhutan-Sikkim Map

Bhutan and Sikkim share similar kinds of situations in the present context unlike what they used to utilize their democracy in the real sense. The only difference is that one is a country and another is a state.

Fijikaran (Fiji-fication) – Various international newspapers also suggest India’s policy towards is to make it just like that of Fiji i.e replacing the native Fijians with Indian Fijis.

Bhutanikaran (Bhutan-fication) – India has starting control and oppression over Bhutan, and as a result, Bhutan has not established diplomatic ties with its neighbor China or any other permanent member of the UN Security Council. Through unequal treaties, India has severely jeopardized Bhutan’s diplomatic sovereignty and controls its national defense.

Sikkimikaran (Sikkim -fication) – India imposed a similar coercive policy on Sikkim before. The small neighbor’s revolts over sovereignty in the 1960s and 1970s were brutally cracked down on by the Indian military. New Delhi deposed the king of Sikkim in 1975 and manipulated the country’s parliament into a referendum to make Sikkim a state of India


Bhutan-Sikkim Map

Bhutan-Sikkim’s Map

“With certain conditions, Bhutan and Sikkim will see strong anti-India movements, which will negatively affect India’s already turbulent northeast area and rewrite southern Himalayan geopolitics,” the newspaper wrote.

This article has been prepared with references from Global Times, Hindustan Times and My Republica.

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