Hashtag #VisitNepal2020 Free Promotions

If you are running a business organization or any travel agencies and promoting Travel and Tourism in Nepal, then you can now do free advertise during ongoing RabinsXP free promotions. This is valid only contents related to #VisitNepal2020.


Where to submit articles?

Just email your articles to promotions@rabinsxp.com. We will check and if it meets requirements we will post. Another method is submitting blog post using guest profile.


The eligibility of sending posts are:

  • Must be related to Nepal and Nepalese entities. #VisitNepal2020,
  • Minimum 500 words count
  • Minimum 2 images with captions
  • No any duplicate contents
  • No any copyrighted contents


Rabins Sharma Lamichhane


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