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Nepal Idol 2018 (Season Two) 0

Nepal Idol 2018

KATHMANDU, JAN 30 – Nepal Idol 2018 or the second season of Nepal Idol (also known as Nepal Idol Season 2) is coming soon. Recently it has been notified that the new session of...

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Hashtag #VisitNepal2018 Free Promotions

If you are running a business organization or any travel agencies, then you can now do free advertise during ongoing RabinsXP free promotions. This is valid only contents related to #VisitNepal2018. Where to submit...

JAVA Inheritance With Concept and Examples / Output 0

JAVA Inheritance With Concept and Examples / Output

PROGRAM STATEMENT Design a super class called Staff with details as StaffId, Name, Phone, Salary. Extend this class by writing three subclasses namely Teaching (domain, publications), Technical (skills), and Contract (period). Write a Java...