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On-Site SEO Tutorial for Keywords, Contents and Web elements

Here at RabinsXP SEO or say RabinsXP Search Optimisation we are going to talk about ‘On-Site SEO‘  for the usages of keywords, contents and other web elements. Before we start into on-page optimization for search engine targets, did you know you can increase your domain ranking using RabinsXP Ranking Tool too? Don’t forget to download […]

Lists in Python

In this Python at RabinsXP, we are going to learn everything about the lists in Python 3 such creating, indexing, and slicing, etc. We also learn about its basic list methods, nesting lists and also an introduction to list comprehensions. What are Lists in Python? In the last lesson of Strings in Python, we learned about […]

Arithmetic Operations and Variable Assignments in Python

In this Python at RabinsXP, we are going to learn about the numbers, how to use them (arithmetic operations) and assigning labels to the variable. This article will cover the topics like types of numbers, basic arithmetic operations, division and assignment of the object. Number Types Integers: Integers are just whole numbers, positive or negative. For example, […]

Oppo F3 Plus Review with Price In Nepal

Oppo has been primarily focusing on selfie on its mobile phones and has given some excellence features than rest of the phones in the market. Since the bigger Megapixels and front flash cameras are becoming common features of most of the cellphones, Oppo has brought dual lenses to the front camera in its new phone […]

Nokia and WorldLink Setting up Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Nokia and WorldLink  Communications Nepal are going to deploy FTTH which means Fiber to the Home with the aim of connecting  1 million-plus houses in Nepal through 2019. According to Nokia, “The deployment could be Nepal’s largest FTTH community”. They say the system is going to deliver the fiber get entry to the technology required to […]

Nepal Idol 2018

KATHMANDU, JAN 30 – Nepal Idol 2018 or the second season of Nepal Idol (also known as Nepal Idol Season 2) is coming soon. Recently it has been notified that the new session of this Idol series will be held soon. Because of this many people are asking me so many questions regarding the 2018 […]

Hashtag #VisitNepal2020 Free Promotions

If you are running a business organization or any travel agencies and promoting Travel and Tourism in Nepal, then you can now do free advertise during ongoing RabinsXP free promotions. This is valid only contents related to #VisitNepal2020. Where to submit articles? Just email your articles to [email protected] We will check and if it meets […]

How to increase domain rank using RabinsXP Website Rank?

Today in this post, I’m gonna share you some tips for increasing your domain rank using RabinsXP Rank Tool. This tool will help you know the errors in your websites and also helps you to speed up your webpage-load. Use Rabins XP Rank to improve your site and identify opportunities to get ahead of the […]

Nokia 6 Cost Price in Nepal & Specifications

Nokia 6, one of the most favored mobile worldwide has now arrived in the Nepalese market too. Not only this but all the branded Nokia phones are available in the Nepali market. Paramount Electronics, Nokia’s official distributor in Nepal has introduced Nokia 6 in the Nepali markets. According to the distributor, Nokia 6 costs Rs. […]

JAVA Inheritance With Concept and Examples / Output

PROGRAM STATEMENT Design a super class called Staff with details as StaffId, Name, Phone, Salary. Extend this class by writing three subclasses namely Teaching (domain, publications), Technical (skills), and Contract (period). Write a Java program to read and display at least 3 staff objects of all three categories. CONCEPT   EXAMPLE INHERITANCE IN JAVA (SUPER […]